It has been a pleasure working with Marketing Group. Paula went out of her way to research my company and my personal preferences therefore creating a beautiful product. Her personal touch and incredible patience are unsurpassed.

  • Annette Schulze
  • Poochies Resort & Spa

TMG's customer service and reliability are the best in the business. They provide incredibly fast and friendly service, and we can ALWAYS depend on their excellence. Paula works tirelessly to serve us and her great eye has benefited our organization!

  • Jennifer M

The customer service, product and price provided by the Marketing Group is excellent; with an unparalled commitment to excellence. These days this has become a rarity and it is incredibly refreshing to work with an organization that truly puts their customers first.

  • Doreen Stephens

The Marketing Group has helped us many times, but where they shine is their customer service. When you can't rely on anyone else to get the product when you need it, they come through over and over again.

  • Chris McKinnon
  • Lennox

It is great working with the TMG team. They deliver the idea's you always wanted but never thought about. They take the time to understand your business and help you make great decisions.

  • Danielle Sarnelli
  • Pioneer Gymnastics

TMG always provides great service, whether it's finding quality product, researching the best price or delivering product on time. When working with TMG, they're reliable and offer great customer service. I have absolute confidence in TMG as my vendor.

  • Vickie Shalhoup
  • ASM International

It is great working with the Marketing Group. Excellent customer service, they work with your budget and make sure your needs are met.

  • Jisel Emerson
  • GOJO Industries
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